The City of Sacramento Pipe Band regularly performs in concerts throughout the region.  Contact the Music Director if you are interested in having the Band play at YOUR event.

Key Benefits

  • Unique cultural experience
  • Enthusiastic and accomplished musicians of all ages
  • Community based



The City of Sacramento Pipe Band organization was created to compete in local, regional, and Statewide pipe band competition events, typically at various stagings of Scottish/Highland Games.  The Band has won many championships in its 21 years of competing, including the 1995 Western United States Pipe Band Association Championship for Grade 3 in Reno, Nevada.
Known for its hallmark DEAD CAT ALLEY concerts, the Band performs in at least one major fund-raising concert each year, and sometimes more.  The LIVE AT DEAD CAT ALLEY concert fostered the Band’s first CD, “Live at Dead Cat Alley”.
Sometimes a large pipe band is just too much for an event.  The Band is easily able to form smaller groups of its members, from 2-6 pipers and a 3-4 member drum corps, and perform at various smaller venues.
Solo Artists
Many situations call for a solo piper.  Weddings, graduations, birthdays, funerals, commemorations, and dedications are all examples of the variety of events calling for a piper.  The Band has many capable pipers that can provide this service.

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